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Step Up For Students & PEP Registration & Payment Guide

Please follow the steps to register for classes on our website before proceeding to your SUFS EMA portal. Be sure to select "Manual Payment" at checkout & leave us an order note that says "SUFS" or "PEP." Then follow the steps below to allocate funds appropriately to Class Source, based on the classes you have registered for.

When logged in to your SUFS EMA portal, click on the Marketplace tab, then select "Find Providers."
SUFS EMA Portal Marketplace


 In the search bar, type in, "Class Source," and click Search.
SUFS EMA Portal Search Bar


Click on Class Source. Select the Holly Lane Location (the only one) to see the list of services & classes.
EMA Class Source Location


Scroll down to the current school year offerings and add "Application Fee" to your cart. This corresponds to the Class Source Registration Fee. Add one per student per academic year.
SUFS Class Source Application Fee


Add the appropriate Registration Fees for each of the classes you are taking.
SUFS Class Source 1 Day per week

There are options for classes that meet 1 day per week, classes that meet two days per week, and the vocational classes. The Registration Fee is 20% of the class cost, and will hold your seat in the class. This corresponds to the required deposit for those paying out-of-pocket.

SUFS Class Source 2 days per week.jpg
SUFS Class Source AmSkills Program


Check your course syllabi to see whether they mention any supply fees or lab fees for the course. Those fees can also be added to your EMA portal to pay through SUFS.
sufs lab _ class fees.jpg

Add whichever supply / lab fees correspond to those on your course syllabi. The rest of your tuition cost will be billed quarterly as your student receives funds each quarter through SUFS. The quarterly billing can be just as easily found in the EMA portal; you will select the option(s) that corresponds to your invoice.

Still have questions?

We would be glad to assist you in person. Please reach out via phone or email so that we can find a time for you to stop by the admin table for help.

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