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Instructor: Kayla Erickson


Course Description: For those of you who love theatre club and have been wanting more in depth instruction in theatre and desire to be mentors to the theatre club, I have created this course to help with that! This course is designed for the student interested in dramatic activities with an emphasis on performance. This  course is not just for actors, but also for those who want to learn backstage roles, script writing and directing. Areas covered in depth include: vocabulary, roles in the theatre, pantomime, movement, acting (scene work and one act plays), theatre evaluation, and theatre history (from ancient Greek to the present), the reading of plays, theatre design and tech, and attendance at a live theatre performance. Students will be involved every day in some performance-based activity. There is an emphasis on memorization, working as a team, and classroom attendance.

Course Objectives: To develop students' general theatre knowledge and skills which stem from a study of theatre history, dramatic literature, critical theory, and production practice, including acting, directing, management, design and craft aesthetics.

Grade Level: 9th-12th

Class Time: Tuesday 10:20AM-11:35AM

Course Duration: Full Year

Required Materials(s): folder, pencils, color pencils

Supply Fee: $15

Classroom Expectations: No technology in class unless asked by the teacher. Willing to work together as a group and follow directions. Understand and agree to Class Source policies. Recognize that each performer or talent is different from everyone, and we must show respect on the level they are at. Be yourself and have fun!

Grading Policies: Engaged Learning, homework and attendance : assesses participation and involvement in class activities, journal responses, and script reading reviews. Everyone is expected to be an active participant when appropriate AND respectful members of the audience when observing others perform. Leadership points and some weekly assignments are also assessed in this category.

Grading Scale: Standard scale

Theatre Arts (2024-2025)

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