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Instructor: Miriam Ezra


Course Description: The best way to learn how to write... is to write! In this course we will do a LOT of writing in various applications. We will do academic essays, as well as short story fiction, how to write an email, recipes, and more! A dual leveled class, students will be sorted into two groups. "Advanced" (returning students or 8th graders), or "Newbies" (first time students and all 6th graders). The topics covered will be the same, but the writing assignments will vary in length and grading scale.

Course Objectives: Students will learn how to write persuasive, informative, and compare and contrast essays. Additionally, students will learn how to write fictional short stories, emails, thank yous, and more! Occasional grammar quizzes and PSAT prep style quizzes will be given, but the vast majority of work is writing! All students will have written more than one 5 paragraph essay by the end of the year.

Grade Level: 6th-8th

Class Time: Tuesday 9:00AM-10:15AM

Course Duration: Full Year

Required Materials(s): A notebook and pencils.

Course Prerequisite(s): Students should be able to write a paragraph and know the fundamental rules of grammar.

Classroom Expectations: Students should expect to put their phones away, be willing and able to take notes, and be able to listen and work with others. We like to have fun, but respect for each other is an important part of the classroom!

Grading Policies: Weekly or Biweekly papers will be 50% of the students grade. The other 50% will be mainly attendance, with a small amount given in class quizzes, and other odd projects. If a student should begin to struggle, extra credit will be offered.

Grading Scale: Standard grading. A, B, C, D, and F

Middle School Writing (2024-2025)

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