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Instructor: Miriam Ezra


Course Description: In this course we will cover each of the Humanities (Drama, Poetry, Philosophy, Painting, Sculpture, Architecture, Music, Film, and Dance). We will talk about where these arts came from, how they evolved over time, and what they look like today. An in depth look at what humanity can create, and what it means for us.

Course Objectives: Students will learn history, landmark accomplishments, big names, and techniques/terminology of each subject the humanities covers. We will also learn analysis skills. A student dedicated to putting in the work may even be able to pass the CLEP test for Humanities, earning them 3 college credits.

Grade Level: 9th-12th

Class Time: Tuesday 11:40AM-12:55PM

Course Duration: Full Year

Required Materials(s): A notebook and pencils to take notes in class

Recommended Book(s) and/or Materials(s): CLEP Humanities guide

Classroom Expectations: Students should attend class as often and frequently as possible, as most of the class is lecture based and participation is a huge part of their grades. Students should limit their use of cell phones, and be respectful of others.

Grading Policies: Attendance/Participation=70%, Various at home assignments =30%

Grading Scale: Standard grading scale. A=90-100% and so on.

Humanities with CLEP (2024-2025)

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