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Note: This is a ONE SEMESTER class.


Instructor: Debbie Tharp


Course Description: This class will introduce the basics of home economics with hands-on practical use. 

Course Objectives:

  • Clothing construction – purchasing, laundering, organizing

  • Textiles – decorating & versatility

  • Food preparation – purchasing, storing, preparing, sanitation

  • Nutrition – meal planning & diet

  • Child development – first aid/safety, diapering/clothing

  • Money Management - Bill schedules, writing a check/balancing accounts

  • Home management – Cleaning & Organization, Time management

Grade Level: 7th-12th

Class Time: Tuesday 2:35PM-3:50PM

Course Duration: Semester 1 (Aug-Dec)

Required Materials(s): 3 ring binder, paper, dividers (7), At home computer device (can be tablet)

Supply Fee: $20 (for Diapers, laundry baskets for all students, first aid items, latex gloves, band aids, child safety items, cleaning products).

Classroom Expectations:

  • Active Participation during class.

  • Self-ownership: Be in the classroom on time.

  • Ownership: Clean up after yourself; focus on work at hand. If unsure what to do, ask for clarification.

  • Achievement: Complete work on time, bring needed materials.

  • Respect: Respect fellow students and each individual’s creative abilities, listen attentively, follow procedures.

  • Phone Policy: Cell phones will only be allowed during specific times and for class use exclusively as the instructor indicates.

Grading Policies: Grades will be determined by attendance and participation. Completed projects 80%, Attendance 10%, Homework 10%

Grading Scale: 90-100 =A, 80-89=B, 70-79=C, 60-69=D, 50-59=F

Home Economics (Fall 2024)

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