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Instructor: Emily Fertic & Miriam Ezra

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Course Description: What are ads really trying to tell you? Why are the curtains blue? How do I solve a whodunnit? Critical thinking is a vital skill for any student. In this class, we intend to teach students how to use logic, utilizing skills such as inference, symbolism, analysis, and others. Through lecture, discussion, games, and assignments your student will learn tools to help them think critically, both in academics and day to day life.

Course Objectives: The goal of this class is to improve and develop each student's independent inductive and deductive reasoning skills.

Grade Level: 6th-9th

Class Time: Tuesday 10:20AM-11:35AM

Course Duration: Full Year

Required Materials(s): Notebook/paper to take notes. Pencils. Folder to keep assignments neat

Supply Fee: $15

Classroom Expectations: Students should be able to read and write at or near a high school level. Willingness to participate in class. Cell phones must be put away during class, as class will be discussion heavy. Arrive on time and be prepared for class.

Grading Policies: Attendance/Participation 45%, Quizzes/Puzzles/Assignments 45%, Homework 10%

Grading Scale: (90-100= A; 80-89=B; 70-79=C; 60-69=D; 59 or below=F)

Critical Thinking (2024-2025)

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