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Instructor: Elena Scott


Course Description: The lessons will be focused on building structure for proper Spanish pronunciation, grammar and syntax. The course will revolve around Spanish culture, subjects, and basics to understand the language.

Course Objectives:

  • Students will work on concepts around the language:

    • Benefits of knowing a second language.

    • Basic parts of speech.

    • Understand and recognize cognates.

    • Classroom expressions and basic greetings.

    • Understand and follow Spanish pronunciation rules.

    • Identify Spanish speaking countries and their capitals.

Course Grade Level: 9th-12th

Course Duration: Full Year

Recommended Book(s) and/or Materials(s): Notebook, Folder with pockets, Pencil, pen, eraser, colored markers.

Supply Fee: $10

Classroom Expectations:

  • Active participation.

  • Self-ownership: Be in the classroom on time.

  • Ownership: Clean up after yourself; focus on work at hand. If unsure what to do, ask for clarification.

  • Achievement: Complete work on time, bring needed materials.

  • Respect: Respect fellow students and each individual’s creative abilities, listen attentively, follow procedures.

  • Phone Policy: Cell phones will only be allowed during specific times and for class use exclusively as the instructor indicates.

Grading Policies: Grades will be determined by Attendance 10%, Participation 20%, Test 25%, Quizzes 25%, Homework 20%,

Grading Scale: The Standard Grading System

Conversational Spanish (2024-2025)

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