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Instructor: TBA // Contact Jared for more information

Grade Level: Ages 16 and up.

Class Time: Thursday 11:40AM-2:20PM

Payment Schedule: Registration Fee - $500 (due upon enrolling in course); Quarterly Tuition Fees - $300 (September 15, December 15, February 15, May 6)

Course Description: This High School Pre-Apprenticeship Program trains students in practical, real world, employable skills in the Mechanical and Manufacturing industries. Students will be trained to be Manufacturing Skill Standards Council (MSSC) Certified Production Technicians (CPT+) 4.0.


“CPT+ 4.0 is a nationally portable, industry-led training and certification program that prepares entry-level to front-line supervisors for careers in advanced manufacturing. This in person & online program delivers foundational, core competencies and in-demand skills today’s employers need for over six million frontline production jobs.” (MSSC)


Year 1 Rotation:

  • Introduction to Tools
  • Safety
  • Quality Practices & Measurements
  • Internship “Soft Skills” Florida Ready to Work Training


  1. Students will come to the 2.5 hour class block each week and work with industry experts to learn the hands-on skills needed for each module.
  2. Students will have the opportunity to test and achieve multiple “micro-credentials” that are immediately useful in the industry.
  3. Students will have online homework each week using the training system.
  4. Students will visit the AmSkills Training Center several times during the year for larger machine learning.
  5. Students will take Field Trips to multiple Manufacturing Facilities in Tampa Bay and learn about the roles and jobs that are available to them after graduation.
  6. Students will have the opportunity to meet and interview with multiple employers upon successful graduation from the full 2 year Pre-Apprenticeship Program.
  7. Students can expect to earn $50,000 per year within 3-5 years in the Industry after they achieve the CPT+ certificate.

AmSkills Florida Pre-Apprenticeship Program (Year 1: 2024-2025)

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