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Study Hall Policy

For the safety of our Class Source community, students are not permitted to be unsupervised on campus.

Any student who has a "gap period" between classes (a class session in which they are not enrolled in a class and yet remain on campus) must either:

  • Have a parent or adult guardian present on campus supervising the student 


  • Be enrolled in Study Hall for any class period during which they will be on campus but not attending a class



Study Hall is not designed for 1st grade and under.  Students in Study Hall need to be able to sit for an hour calmly, without needing to be escorted to the bathroom, etc. 

Study Hall is monitored but with safety and academic attention;

it is not an emotional care situation.


Starting with the 2018-2019 school year, we will be having a sign-in sheet and designated area for Study Hall.   

Study Hall takes place in a designated area of the main building only, and students are expected to report to Study Hall on time and to remain in the Study Hall area for the remainder of the class period.   They are not permitted to roam the campus or to leave the Study Hall area without permission from the Director or assigned Study Hall supervisor.   Wi-Fi is available in the Study Hall area.   Students within the Study Hall area may socialize quietly and/or eat their lunch or a snack, but will expected to respect the other classes going on nearby and to clean up their area before leaving.

Study Hall fees (year-long) are $100 per student per class period Study Hall is in use. 


(For semester or quarter-long use of Study Hall, an adjusted rate would apply.)

You can register for Study Hall by adding it to your cart during your Registration process.



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