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Note: Please register for both semesters if you know that you want to be in the club for the entire academic year.


Instructor: Rebecca Berton


Course Description: When my husband and I were courting, we led a teen ministry together, so I pulled from that experience to help me with this one. Also, I worked around and with teens in the foster care system of Hillsborough County years ago and knew that both of those experiences would help me with this club. Regarding Class Source, I wanted to offer a safe environment where each individual teen can be themselves, have fun with other teens, and build a trusting relationship with not only with the teens but with their families. So, I decided that the enrichment part of the club would be based on The Christian Bible.

Course Objectives: My main goal is to share The Gospel of The Good News of Jesus. The second most important part of this club is to proclaim Jesus, "the Author and Perfecter of The Faith". I believe every topic, situation, historical event/story, parable, etc. found in The Christian Bible can be pointed back to Jesus The Messiah who is Savior and why He left Heaven and came to Earth. I prayerfully seek Him weekly to decide what the Bible portion of the club will entail. We've had thought provoking and deep thoughts in our club. These students are smart and with it and I AM BLESSED by them, in return.

Grade Level: 13 years old – 18 years old

Class Time: Thursday 2:35PM-3:50PM

Course Duration: Semester 1, Semester 2

Supply Fee: $25/semester to cover the cost of weekly drinks, food, printed materials, etc.

Classroom Expectations: Students must be self-controlled, especially with their speech (James 1:19; 3:3-6). Students are expected to show respect to each other and to their instructor (1 Peter 2:17). 

Teen Enrichment Club (2024-2025)

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