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Instructor: Kimberly Dart


Course Description:Welcome to Math Memory Masters - a comprehensive program designed specifically for upper elementary and early middle school students. Our program utilizes pneumonic techniques, drills, games, manipulatives, songs, and repetition to help students not only memorize multiplication tables, but truly master them to memory. In addition to multiplication, students will understand what fractions, decimals, percentages, and place value tangibly means through our hands-on approach. Our program also focuses on helping students memorize and understand important math vocabulary, setting them up for success in the classroom and beyond. Perfect for students who have learned the basics of math, but need that extra push to really grasp and own the concepts.


Methods used:

-Times Tales System

-Fraction blocks and circles

-Memory Triggers Cards

-Teacher's Pay Teacher's units

-Games relating to each unit


Course Objectives: Memorize harder mulitplication and division facts COLD! (no more skip counting)-Build and Understand Fraction representations with manipulatives-Memorize math vocaulary for word problem simplification-Visualize and Understand Place Value using Money and Manipulatives-Apply learning through group math games

Grade Level: 4th - 6th (ask about other grades)

Class Time: Thursdays @ 10:20 am

Course Duration: Full Year

Required Materials(s): A notebook, pencils, and $50 supply fee for curriculum costs

Course Prerequisite(s): Students should have already learned multiplication tables and division concepts.

Classroom Expectations: Students should expect to put their phones away, be willing and able to take notes, and be able to listen and work with others. We like to have fun, but respect for each other is an important part of the classroom!

Grading Policies: TBD, there will be light homework for memory.

Grading Scale: Standard grading. A, B, C, D, and F

Math Memory Masters (4th - 6th)

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