"Homeschooling FAQs" #5

**Disclaimer: All information presented on this blog is based on our best understanding of current homeschool laws in the state of Florida at the time of each posting, and in particular the homeschool laws for Hillsborough County, where Class Source is located. However, we are not legal experts, and the information posted in this group does not constitute legal advice. Homeschool laws can vary by county and state. If you are uncertain of the homeschool regulations and requirements in your area, please verify using your local resources. The HSLDA website has a resource which allows you to look up homeschool laws by state, and is a good place to start: https://hslda.org/legal.**

This week's FAQ is:

Where do I get my curriculum and materials to teach my child?

This part can feel overwhelming, but there are plenty of resources to help you. In Florida, you have a lot of freedom in this regard. You can purchase a pre-packaged curriculum, assemble your own custom learning plan from various sources and materials, integrate learning into your daily activities, plan educational outings, and/or utilize class programs like Class Source... or any combination of the above.

If you’re still figuring out what might work best for you, here are some ideas to get started:

  • You can find free online assessment printouts on homeschooling blogs or websites like Teachers Pay Teachers to help identify where your child is in varying subject areas and what topics you may need to emphasize in a given year, or utilize local tutors to help you do the same.

  • There are pre-made homeschooling curricula from a variety of companies that cover various subjects by age groups or grade levels (you could just mix and match to fit your child’s needs).

  • There are also lots of homeschooling blogs and other sites online with worksheets, activity ideas, and lists of suggested reading materials, field trip destinations, and more if you prefer to piece together your own learning plan for your child.

  • You could check your local school district’s website for benchmarks for the grade levels around your child’s age, and scan the list to identify the things you know your child needs to work on most each year, and custom-build a curriculum around that.

  • You could utilize a class program, like Class Source, where we have tutors and instructors who can help you assess your child’s readiness and place him/her in the appropriate class level for a given subject area.

  • You can attend a homeschooling convention to hear informative talks on different homeschooling approaches and to window-shop (or purchase!) available curriculum.

  • You could follow homeschooling blogs or homeschooling YouTubers who do curriculum reviews and/or have a list of recommended curricula for varying subjects and ages.

  • You could join a Facebook group with homeschooling families in your area (there are several for the Tampa area, including ours!) and search the posts for curriculum recommendations or ask for suggestions for your child’s particular needs and your family’s learning style and goals.

If you want more info on Homeschooling in Florida, we've just started a Homeschool Q&A group on Facebook! You can find it here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/HomeschoolQATampaBay/.

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