"Homeschooling FAQs" #30

**Disclaimer: All information presented on this blog is based on our best understanding of current homeschool laws in the state of Florida at the time of each posting, and in particular the homeschool laws for Hillsborough County, where Class Source is located. However, we are not legal experts, and the information posted in this group does not constitute legal advice. Homeschool laws can vary by county and state. If you are uncertain of the homeschool regulations and requirements in your area, please verify using your local resources. The HSLDA website has a resource which allows you to look up homeschool laws by state, and is a good place to start: https://hslda.org/legal.**

This is the final week of our "Homeschooling FAQs" series!

This week's FAQ is:

My child qualifies for the Gardiner scholarship. Can we still use it if we're homeschooling? Can we use it at Class Source or similar programs? What about tutors?

Yes, for materials, classes, and programs which qualify. Previously there was some confusion as to the eligibility of home-education class programs like Class Source within certain types of financial assistance programs, like the Gardiner Scholarship, due to a misinterpretation of the regulations. However, Class Source is now listed as an “Approved Home Education Program” for the Gardiner scholarship through Step Up for Students. You may also be able to apply the Gardiner scholarship as a home-educator if your child is attending classes at an eligible private school, receiving tutoring services from a qualified tutor, and/or utilizing one of the other “Approved Home Education Programs” on the list, as explained in their handbook here: https://www.stepupforstudents.org/for-parents/special-needs/apply-now/parent-handbook/. Gardiner also covers only specific expenditures (not all types of classes or materials are covered), so be sure to review the handbook carefully.

If you want more info on Homeschooling in Florida, we've just started a Homeschool Q&A group on Facebook! You can find it here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/HomeschoolQATampaBay/.

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