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"Homeschooling FAQs" #16

**Disclaimer: All information presented on this blog is based on our best understanding of current homeschool laws in the state of Florida at the time of each posting, and in particular the homeschool laws for Hillsborough County, where Class Source is located. However, we are not legal experts, and the information posted in this group does not constitute legal advice. Homeschool laws can vary by county and state. If you are uncertain of the homeschool regulations and requirements in your area, please verify using your local resources. The HSLDA website has a resource which allows you to look up homeschool laws by state, and is a good place to start:**

This week's FAQ is:

What about all the fun school events, socials, celebrations and graduations – won’t my child be missing out?

Did you know there are fun socials, events, celebrations, and graduations for homeschoolers, too? J In addition to the possibility of participating in public school extracurriculars and groups, home-educated students also have plenty of choices for clubs, choirs, social groups, and more in the Tampa area. There are even special groups for high school seniors, so that they can mingle with other seniors and even have a graduation ceremony and celebration at the end of their senior year! You can find out more about some of these under “Local Links” at our Resources page here:

If you want more info on Homeschooling in Florida, we've just started a Homeschool Q&A group on Facebook! You can find it here:

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