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Fun Upcoming Events!

Hi, everyone!

I just wanted to inform you of two fun end-of-the-year events coming up in our final two weeks:

1) The Class Source Novel Book Release!

The Novel Writing class is releasing their book on Tuesday, May 4th! They will have a table set up in the Sanctuary that day where they will be selling paperback copies as well as some book-themed refreshments. The book will also be available in e-book format, and they will have the info for that at the book release table as well. All proceeds go to future Novel Writing student scholarships!

2) The Band Class's Final Performance!

The Beginning Band class will be doing a brief lunchtime performance on the Sanctuary stage on Tuesday, May 11th at 1 p.m. They've been working hard and practicing all semester, and we would love to have as big of an audience as possible for them! If you're available at that time (it's the lunch break between classes), feel free to drop in and watch them perform!

We are in our final two weeks of classes. Wow, this year went by quickly!

Hope to see you on Tuesday!

--Crystal Crawford

Class Source Director

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