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2022-2023 Online Class Release Event is Tonight!

Hello, everyone!

Just a reminder that the 2022-2023 Virtual Open House and Class Schedule release happens TONIGHT at 7pm-8pm EST!

This entire event is happening ONLINE. (Don't worry; we'll still do an in-person Open House in the Fall! But please don't come in person to tonight's event -- no one will be on campus!)

There are two parts to this event:

  1. The Facebook Party! This starts at 7pm, and is a fun celebration of the class release with videos from instructors, some interactive games, and early access to the Schedule, Syllabi, and Registration for this year! We're even doing a Giveaway where one family will win waived Registration fees (a $100+ value!). You can access that event here:

  2. AFTER the Facebook Party, all the Registration, Schedule, and Syllabi will be releasing to the public on our website (sometime after 8pm).

So, if you're in the online Facebook party, you get VIP early access! But if you're unable to make the online Facebook event for whatever reason, don't worry -- you can still access everything later tonight.

Either way -- early or after 8pm -- Registration for 2022-2023 officially opens tonight!

If you have any questions about this Virtual event, or our classes/schedule/registration process, please contact us at or text/call (813) 444-3920. We're excited for you all to see this year's line-up of classes!


Crystal Crawford

Class Source Director

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