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Covid Illness Policy

Class Source Policies & Commitments

(Please also see our Code of Conduct)




  1.  Please do not come on campus if you have:

    • a fever above 99.5 degrees

    • any visible flu like symptoms

    • tested positive for Covid-19 in the last 14 days

  2. If your student begins to show symptoms while on campus we will:

    • isolate the student

    • call parents immediately

    • ask for student to complete the recommended 10-day quarantine period and show improvement in symptoms before returning to campus

    • inform the student body of any positive Covid-19 results (we will do our best to keep the situation anonymous while still informing those who may  have been exposed). 




Class Source bases its annual budget on the number of students enrolled in the program. Therefore, parents are required to commit payment for their students for the entire school year by either providing payment up front, or using the post-dated check option. Many classes fill to capacity quickly and require waiting lists. Please be sure that your class choices are appropriate before registration, as refunds will not be given in order to ensure program longevity. (See Refund Policy below.)

Exceptions to this policy include:

  • Death of a parent

  • Moving more than 30 miles from a location

  • Parent becoming unemployed


No exceptions are given for the following reasons:

  • Child re-enrolled in school

  • Child is tired of the program

  • Child has too many other activities


Please prayerfully consider this commitment before applying. You will be held liable for payment for the full year after the second class date.



We realize that from time to time a student is placed in a class that is not a “fit.” Therefore, we do allow a student to drop a class within the first two class dates. This means that before midnight on the second class date ( whether it is a one day a week class or a two day a week class ), the parent may notify the instructor or director IN WRITING, via email or in person, and indicate that the class will be dropped.  20% Deposits and Registration are Non-Refundable; however, if a class is dropped within the Drop/Add period, you will not be responsible for the remaining 80% of the class fee. NO REFUND FOR ANY REMAINING CLASS FEES WILL BE GIVEN AFTER THIS POINT FOR ANY REASON OTHER THAN THOSE STATED ABOVE.


To minimize the chances of this occurring, it is expected that parents will speak with the instructor regarding any concerns before registration. Many classes fill quickly. We ask you to keep this in mind before taking a spot on the roster.


Students who will be on-campus between classes unsupervised must enroll in Study Hall for those periods.  Study Hall is not recommended for students 1st grade or below; for these students we require a parent remain on campus during any periods the student is not in class. See Study Hall Policy for more details.



No weapons of any kind are permitted on campus. This includes pocket knives and hunting knives.

All drivers should use caution in the parking lot areas -- drive slowly and watch carefully for children or others crossing. 

Students on campus between classes must be either: (1) enrolled in Study Hall, or (2) directly supervised by a parent or guardian.  Students in Study Hall must remain in the designated Study Hall area.  No students are permitted in outdoor areas unless directly supervised by a parent or guardian.




The Director commits to...

  1. Seek to match available instructors and courses with the academic needs of material, ability to teach, personal integrity and a love for the Lord.  The Class Source Director reserves the right to replace one instructor with another if the circumstances become necessary. 

  2. Attempt to maximize learning by maintaining a class size between 3 and 20 students depending on the class structure. 

  3. Provide an active website and updates to inform Class Source families of all pertinent information and announcements. 

  4. Provide instructors with quarterly grade report forms.

  5. Serve as a liaison with our host facilities. 

  6. Act as a mediator between students/parents and instructors when appropriate. 

  7. Attempt to handle all difficulties and conflicts with integrity and in a biblical manner, according to the guidelines of Matthew 18:15-17.


Our Instructors commit to...

  1. Provide quality instruction in a Christian environment. 

  2. Provide parents and/or students with course description, textbook list, syllabus, and homework assignments in some format for each class and update grades regularly in our online grading system. 

  3. Attempt to handle all difficulties and conflicts with integrity and in a biblical manner, according to the guidelines of Matthew 18:15-17.


Parents commit to...

  1. Purchase books and materials prior to the start of each course.

  2. Communicate clearly and consistently with their students to ensure that all assignments are completed on time and that their student is fully prepared to participate in class. Some courses will require the parent to correct work.

  3. Communicate with Class Source instructors, to inform them of planned absences, to make arrangements for missed lessons, and discuss any changes or concerns about their student's learning.

  4. Make sure students arrive on time for classes dressed appropriately. (See Dress Policy.)

  5. Pick up their children in a timely manner after classes or pay the social hall fees.

  6. Stay informed via the website, by opening emails, and viewing the calendar.

  7. Attempt to handle all difficulties and conflicts with integrity and in a biblical manner, according to the guidelines of Matthew 18:15-17.

  8. Review the Class Source Program Guidelines and Code of Conduct with their students.

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