Covid-19 FAQ for the 2021-2022 Program Year

Q: Will Class Source be holding on campus classes?


A: YES! Class Source is and has always been an in-person, drop off, a-la-carte, classroom based instruction and support community for home educating families. As a 501.c.3 organization we are free to meet and WILL BE meeting in person. Our plan for the Fall will look very much like years in the past in function.


Q: What precautions is Class Source taking given the Covid-19 issues?


A: Multiple.

  • The entire campus will be professionally cleaned and disinfected before the first class date.

  • Our host facility, Christ Church Lutz, has increased their regular cleaning schedule.

  • Class Source is hiring cleaners for common areas throughout our Tuesday class day, when both buildings are in full use. Periodic disinfecting of bathrooms, sinks, coffee areas, common area tables, door handles, etc. will occur.

  • An extra 5 minutes is being ADDED to each class period. Instructors and students will enter classrooms each class and be given time to clean their personal areas, tables, chairs, door handles, whiteboards/markers with PROVIDED cleaning materials, ensuring that their own personal areas are indeed ready for use. 

  • Hand Sanitizer stations will be filled in all areas. Each room will be provided with hand sanitizer as well.

  • An updated illness policy will be upheld for this school year. Policy will be posted on website and discussed at Open House.  (See below.)



Q: Will masks be required?


A: No. Parents will decide what they want their own student to do for personal beliefs. Masks will be allowed by students. They will not be required.



Q: Will Social Distancing be required?


A: No. Parents will decide what they want their own student to do for personal beliefs. Social Distancing will not be required.


Q: What if another Stay at Home order is put in place?


A: Online instruction via a trusted platform is being developed as a contingency plan in the event this should occur. You will be served. This is NOT our plan... it is our back up.

Q: Can I opt for my student to take classes virtually from week to week?


A: No. Our program is an in-person class program. Instructors will not be asked to do both in person and online instruction at the same time.

Q: What if I want my student to Social Distance in the classroom?


A: Not all class rooms will allow for this. Instructors will try to help if there is room, but it cannot be guaranteed based on class size, room size, and nature of the class enrolled. Please consider this when enrolling.



Updated Illness Policy for 2021-2022 is as follows:

  1. Please do not come on campus if you have:

    • a fever above 99.5 degrees

    • any visible flu like symptoms

    • tested positive for Covid-19 in the last 14 days

  2. If your student begins to show symptoms while on campus we will:

    • isolate the student

    • call parents immediately

    • ask that the student complete the recommended 10-day quarantine period and show improvement in symptoms before returning to campus

    • inform the student body of any positive Covid-19 results (we will do our best to keep the situation anonymous, while still informing those who may have been exposed).

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