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More than a class.

We "equip, edify, and educate" as needed in the home school community in the Tampa Bay area.


Class Source is not a school...

...but a home education enhancement program. We assist home educating parents with their responsibility by locating and securing qualified experts to enrich home education through interactive group classes, course work pacing, and accountability.


At Class Source, we believe it is the responsibility and privilege of parents to train their own children to think rationally and biblically, to discern truth, and to communicate their thoughts clearly and effectively. By doing this we are salt and light in the world.  We provide a community environment for interaction with like-minded families.  



Class Source instructors facilitate learning, while the parents oversee and lead the student during the week.


Students commit to...


1. Abide by the rules of dress and conduct.


2. Come prepared for class and complete all assignments on time.


3. Be in their seats and prepared for class at the start of the class period.


4. Attempt to handle all difficulties and conflicts according to Matthew 18:15-17.


5. Read and agree to abide by the Class Source Code of Conduct.


6. Treat all instructors, the Director, and volunteers with respect and honor.


Student Life Code 

The Physical Code:



Students must dress modestly, adhering to the dress policy:


No tank tops, no spaghetti straps, no halter tops, no sleeveless tops.

Pants, shorts, dresses or skirts must be at least knee-length. 

Leggings do not count as pants.  If you wear leggings, you must wear something knee-length (skirt, dress, long shirt, etc.) over them.


No skin (or undergarments) showing between top and pants.


No cleavage. (If you need a definition of cleavage please see Holly Brown.)


No shirts with questionable slogans or advertisements.


No stage makeup or painted faces on campus (this includes distracting eyeliner).

No cross-dressing.


Students will not be allowed in class without proper dress.

*Please note that this dress-code also applies to any siblings, parents, or friends planning to be on campus with students.*




All cell phones must be turned off during class and may only be used during breaks if absolutely necessary.




Students must be in their seats and prepared at the start of the class period.


Students may not go into any part of the building other than their classroom area.


Students must respect the church and the property of others by not touching anything that does not belong to them unless they have permission.


Students may not run in the building or climb on any walls of the building.


Students may eat in the designated eating areas only. All trash must be thrown away and all belongings cleaned up and removed before an area is left.

The Spiritual Code:




Be prepared, attentive, and free from distraction.


Conduct yourself in accordance with biblical standards and in a manner which will not be distracting to other students.






Act in such a way that your words and actions promote the unity and encouragement of fellow students.





Students violating personal or academic integrity through plagiarism or cheating may be dismissed without refund.


Students will avoid acting in such a way that is considered disrespectful, offensive, immoral, intimidating, or rude.


Students are expected to exemplify excellence in their personal behavior, conducting themselves in a manner that is pleasing to the Lord.


Verbal Code:




Students will avoid gossiping to or about others.


Students will speak and act in a kind and encouraging way to others.






The halls must be kept clear and quiet.


Students will speak and act with respect and honor toward instructors, the Director, and volunteers.




Conflicts are to be handled according to biblical standards (Matthew 18:15-17):


Any question or conflict should be addressed directly with the instructor or offending party, in person if at all possible.


If assistance is needed after this step has been taken, the Director will arrange to meet with both parties and facilitate a resolution in line with Class Source policies.


If a resolution is not found, the Board of Directors may be approached in Written Format within one week of the above steps.

The Director commits to...
  1. Seek to match available instructors and courses with the academic needs of material, ability to teach, personal integrity and a love for the Lord.  The Class Source Director reserves the right to replace one instructor with another if the circumstances become necessary. 
  2. Attempt to maximize learning by maintaining a class size between 3 and 20 students depending on the class structure. 
  3. Provide an active website and updates to inform Class Source families of all pertinent information and announcements. 
  4. Provide instructors with quarterly grade report forms.
  5. Serve as a liaison with our host facilities. 
  6. Act as a mediator between students/parents and instructors when appropriate. 
  7. Attempt to handle all difficulties and conflicts with integrity and in a biblical manner, according to the guidelines of Matthew 18:15-17.

Our Instructors commit to...
  1. Provide quality instruction in a Christian environment. 
  2. Provide parents and/or students with course description, textbook list, class syllabus, and homework assignments in some format for each class. 
  3. Attempt to handle all difficulties and conflicts with integrity and in a biblical manner, according to the guidelines of Matthew 18:15-17.

Parents commit to...
  1. Purchase books and materials prior to the start of each course.
  2. Communicate clearly and consistently with their students to ensure that all assignments are completed on time and that their student is fully prepared to participate in class. Some courses will require the parent to correct work.
  3. Communicate with Class Source instructors, to inform them of planned absences, to make arrangements for missed lessons, and discuss any changes or concerns about their student's learning.
  4. Make sure students arrive on time for classes dressed appropriately. (See Dress Policy.)
  5. Pick up their children in a timely manner after classes or pay the social hall fees.
  6. Stay informed via the website, by opening emails, and viewing the calendar.
  7. Attempt to handle all difficulties and conflicts with integrity and in a biblical manner, according to the guidelines of Matthew 18:15-17.
  8. Review the Class Source Program Guidelines and Code of Conduct with their students.

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